Our world has changed tremendously ever since it was struck by global pandemic of COVID-19. The first wave had already wasted the year 2020 and now the second wave is proving to be more lethal. News channels, newspapers and even social media are flashing with the articles of COVID and its fatalities. Negativity has become the new norm, now.

The plight of patients, the images of corpses, over crowded hospitals, the helplessness of family members, the dilapidated sites of our health centers – are enough to drive an emotional person mad. We all have family members residing in various corners of the globe and it was not possible for all of us to return home ( not all the jobs give the facility of ‘ Work From Home’) . We all are aware that it’s a pandemic but repeated broadcasting of these news are taking a toll of our mental health. Every phone call gives a chill down the spine suspecting some bad omen.

Its high time that the MEDIA should behave in a responsible way. News agencies have their own propaganda so broadcasting of news is being done as per their affinity. We are not getting unbiased information – the information that is being forwarded is residual in nature. I am neither a supporter of any political party nor am I the one who always condemns the government. I am a common man who is emotional, empathic and sensitive.

Yes, it’s a tough time but can’t these print media, social media and political parties – show some humanity. There are many who have lost their near and dear ones, many who have lost their jobs, many who find it difficult to cope up with changed time and many who will continue to suffer silently but will never express themselves. This widespread negativity has numerous repercussions. Depression and many more mental ailments are popping up.

Can’t we have stories of survivors who have defeated this disease against all the odds, reporting of act of benevolence , hospitals where there is neither scarcity of bed nor of oxygen cylinders.? There are some who don’t hesitate in milking it for all it’s worth and so there is hike in prices of vegetables, fruits and even medicines. How can someone think of profit in the times of disaster? Please remember your each and every action will be answered by KARMA.

It is imperative for all of us to boycott such tittle-tattle. Never let somebody else’s redundant report or post steal your peace of mind. Please have a tete-a-tete with your family members ,friends, colleagues whom you find to be dejected and gloomy. Do have faith that it’s a testing time. We all have to work in collaboration and play our part diligently. Take all precautions, abide by the guidelines issued by the government, take care of your body and mind as well. When we are in panic situation, we emit negative vibrations which have detrimental effects so be optimistic. Share motivational stories and believe EVEN THIS TOO, WILL PASS.

Some one has rightly said: “Tough times never last but tough people do” So, being “tough”(immune) is the need of the hour and hopefully we will surpass this ordeal.

From Blog of Geetanjali Singh

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